Services - Engineering
Project Development


  • Master Plan
    Economic Feasibility
  • Environmental
    Risk Analysis
    Weather / Flood / Seismic
  • Social & EconomicImpact
    Demograph Report
    Civil / Political
    Local Content
    Supply Chain
  • Site Data Acquisition
    Legal Boundaries
    Topograph / Hydrograph
    Hydrokinetic Data
    Soil / Water Analysis
    Retaining Walls
    Erosion / Sedimentation
  • Front End Engr Design
    Agro, Industrial, Social
    Commercial / Residentail
    Local Authorities
    Drainage / Soil Settlement
  • Infrastructure
    Transit / Road / Rail
    Seaport / Airports
    Power / Water / Waste
  • Phased Construction
    Project Organisation
    Time / Cost-CAPEX&OPEX


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Master Planning & Technical Consultancy

Master Planning and Technical Consultancy Capabilities include:


1) Social Services-Demographic-Economic studies to assess current conditions including


  • Population and growth projections converted to future demand for housing, infrastructure, services, land
  • Commercial and growth projections converted to future demand for facilities, infrastructure, services, land
  • Safety and security profiles for the area
  • Infrastructure with recognition for government policies with regards to Renewable Energy etc


2) Preliminary site location assessments including

  • Hazard, Vulnerability Assessment with Mitigation Strategies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments including land, sea, air, fish/flora/fauna, etc
  • Land use designations and policies, accounting for protected areas and hazards
  • Initial high level land, marine, and/or freshwater geodetic/hydrographic surveys as required
  • Preliminary site demand and financial analysis for appropriate market segments
  • Summary Site Suitability analysis and modeling, with alternatives


3)  Socio-Economic Planning and Implementation including

  • Land acquisition planning in conformance with government policies and laws, including
    • Government landholdings
    • Legal landowners, along with any leaseholders or renters
    • Informal settler / indigenous population policies
    • Infrastructure and other support facilities required
    • Land acquisition summary strategies
  • Gender and Development Studies
  • Socio-Economic Development strategies and plans
  • Public consultations including stakeholders such as government, agencies, cooperatives/associations, commercial firms, citizens


4) Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility, and other detailed studies including the above information to ensure the project is bankable

  • Legal and Institutional Frameworks relevant to the project
  • Detailed engineering surveys
  • Comprehensive site hazard and vulnerability assessment with remediation plans
  • Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments with monitoring, response, and remediation planning
  • Utility and infrastructure demand and response planning
  • Technical evaluations and recommendations for equipment, services, etc
  • Site layout conceptual drawings and analysis, with alternatives
  • Project Cost / Revenue / Financial / Economic Analysis to ensure positive viability vs hurdle rates
  • Project Risk Analysis, including FMEA, Risk Registers, Risk Allocation matrices, Value for Money, etc
  • Project implementation planning including short, medium, and long term options


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Engineering Design, Structures And Architectural Outfitting


  • Multidisciplinary
  • Audit Plan / Site Visit / Report Review
  • Cost & Schedule Plan
  • Detail Engineering and Shop Drawings
  • Third Party Verification
  • Procurement / Materials Inspection
  • Work Packages / Support Facilities
  • Method Statement / Risk Analysis
  • Mob / Demob / Crew Change
  • Workshop and Parts Logistic Network
  • Software (STAAD Pro, TEKLA, BOCAD, AutoCAD, EASY Fabric)


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Construction & Project Management


  • Specification Development
  • Cost Control & Schedule Plan
  • Quality Control & HSE
  • Procurement and Inspection Packages
  • Manpower and Equipment Deployment
  • Software (Primavera)


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CNC Pipe Cutting Services


  • Profile Pipe Cutting 
  • 800mm Dia T.K.Y Connections 
  • Bevel Weld Preparation 
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Software (TEKLA)
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HVAC & Ducting System


  • HVAC & Pressurisation Units
  • Refridgeration Packages
  • Ice Plants/ Cold Rooms
  • Chillers & Condensers
  • Ducting, Fans & Dampers
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Zone 2 Hazardous Area Equipment
  • Design to ABS/ DNV/ ASHRAE Standards
  • Software (Carrier HAP v4.6, MS Excel ASHRAE v62.1, ISO:7547 Load Calculation, Refrigration ASHRAE - Chiller & Freezer)


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